If you’re an online retailer, you should absolutely consider adding sweepstake promotions to your marketing mix. Here are the top four reasons every e-tailer should get in on the sweepstakes game:
pinterest contest winner

1. Sweepstake promotions open you up to an entirely new customer base.

When promoted properly, contests should be linked all over the place – including sweepstakes forums and newsletters. There are tons of people who enter contests as hobbies, and by holding contests you’ll get your products in front of them all.

2. Sweepstake promotions are great for SEO value.

When a popular website links to your company, your site’s search engine ranking is improved. Ditto for tweets and Facebook updates about the contest that link back to your website. When more people are finding your website when the search online, more people are buying your products.

3. Sweepstake promotions are cost effective advertising.

Essentially, online contests are free advertising – you’re getting your products and company name plugged on another site free of charge (you just have to send products to the blogger and winner of the contest). It’s a low-risk investment in your SEO and name recognition, so why not give it a try?

4. Sweepstakes management is easier than you think.

If you’ve been holding off on running online contests because you don’t know how to handle sweepstakes management, you’ve been worrying about the wrong thing. Most bloggers handle everything for you – all you have to do is send the prize to the winner (the blogger you partner with will supply the name and address). These bloggers are usually pretty good at all aspects of the sweepstakes management process, and will promote your contests on their social networks, adding to your overall exposure.

Of course, if you ever have questions about sweepstakes management or how to run your own sweepstakes promotions, you can always get in touch with an online PR agency for expert tips.