7 Reasons Reporters Aren’t Using Your HARO Responses [18 Pro PR Tips!]

Hand Touching Public Relations Button.

At TCF, we use HARO constantly. It’s one of our favorite tools because it’s basically a reporter’s Rolodex from the 90’s, except it doesn’t take up room on our desks, it’s always updated, and its reach is much further. Plus, it’s free!  In fact, we once used HARO to get 6 media placements in 30 […]

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The 500+ Hour Advantage: Why I Let Employees Work From Home (or Anywhere)

Here’s what my day looked like when I worked in advertising: I’d wake up somewhere around 6 AM, do the whole shower/outfit/hair/makeup thing, be out the door no later than 7:15, fight my way through traffic so that I could pay $220/mo for the privilege of leasing a parking space downtown, walk through rain/crowds/etc. and get […]

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Why You (Probably Don’t) Need Press Release Distribution Services – A PR Pro’s Perspective

This may sound surprising coming from the owner of a digital PR agency, but I’ve got a love/hate relationship with press releases. If I’m being honest, sometimes it’s mostly hate (and primarily directed toward press release distribution services that make big promises and rarely, if ever, deliver). And I’m not alone: many pros in the […]

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How to Create and Use Twitter Lists to Market Your Business [The ULTIMATE Guide]

One of the things that we preach (and practice) at The Content Factory is how important managing Twitter lists is to your social media marketing strategy. Ask any of our social media managers – or SMMs, as the tweeps call them these days – and they’ll tell you that being a savvy Twitter list manager […]

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How to Get $100k in Media Coverage for Your Brand in 30 Days, FREE! [Webinar Replay]

get media coverage

Do you want to get media coverage for your brand? Would you like to be quoted as an expert in your industry? Have you always wanted to be a “thought leader”? If so, this webinar is for you. The best part: it’s co-hosted by Aly Walansky (lifestyle writer extraordinaire, who writes articles for Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, […]

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The 7 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs (and they’re all free!)

Best Chrome Extensions

If there’s one thing entrepreneurs have in common, it’s that they want to maximize results while minimizing their time investment. Technology makes this more possible than ever – and the right Google Chrome extensions can revolutionize your work experience. Unfortunately, there are thousands of them – and you certainly can’t download them all. I’ll cut […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Owning Small Business Saturday [7 Expert Tips]

A handful of small businesses in a suburban town.

  From Labor Day sales to Black Friday, business owners have plenty of occasions to ramp up their marketing and offer special discounts. But for entrepreneurs who own small businesses, there’s no single day as important as Small Business Saturday. It was created just for businesses like yours! SBS is also supported by your neighbors who […]

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How to Have a Productive Workation With Your Team (We’ve done it, and so can you!)

This photo taken while working from the beach in Mexico. More inspiring to look at than three walls of a cubicle, right? By now you’ve probably heard of Noelle Hancock, the 31-year-old journalist who quit her job to scoop ice cream in the Caribbean. It’s no huge surprise that her story went viral – who doesn’t dream about trading […]

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How to Get Quoted in the Media 6 Times in 1 Month Using HARO [Bonus: It’s FREE]

We’ve been singing the praises of HARO (Help a Reporter Out) since we first started The Content Factory back in 2010, and there are several reasons why we’re such enthusiastic evangelists for the brand. First and most obvious, the service is free. Second, HARO opens the doors to media coverage that you may not think is possible. […]

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7 Things Designing Women Taught Me About Being Woman in Business

Designing Women ran from 1986-1993, and over the course of the seven years it was on the air it taught girls around the world a thing or two about being a woman in business. As a kid, I watched and learned about homophobia, racism and sexism in the workplace — and I saw how classy ladies were […]

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