If you’re looking to improve your SEO (and who isn’t?) learning how to link a website is one of the first places you should start. There are a decent amount of blogs out there that suggest buying them in bulk, reciprocal links and other short cuts, but here at The Content Factory, we do not believe in shortcuts. When it comes to PR online, shortcuts always catch up to you and rarely deliver the results you’re looking for. We’ve written a guide on how to get backlinks in the past, but if you know anything about how to link a website,  you know there’s always more to learn. And since things are always changing, what you learn today might not still be true tomorrow.

Here are the best ways to link to a website to build online connections with powerful brands.

1. Post weekly blogs

Write a lot — and often. Fresh content is what every search engine looks for in a website. Updating your blog content frequently will ensure that the search engines will keep noticing you. One really good blog that’s between 750 and 1,000 words posted once a week to your site will drive traffic and the longer the article, the more opportunities you have to stuff that article full of keywords. Write two to three really awesome, long blogs and you’re even more likely to be the first site asked out to the virtual prom (if that existed, we would imagine it would be thrown by Google, of course).

The word "Backlinks" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboar2. Conduct good keyword research

The first place to start when improving your SEO and figuring out how to link a website is good keyword research as these are the words you’ll be linking to (it’s called anchor text and we’ll discuss it in more detail later). Use Google AdWords or a keyword analysis tool to determine what keywords people are searching for and how competitive they are.

Our favorite keyword research tool is SEMrush — that’s why we’re affiliate partners with them. It’s very intuitive, but has plenty of power to precisely target your keywords to your audience. Click here to try it free for 7 days, and see what you think.

Choose keywords that are relevant to your industry that have high monthly searches and low competition. The term social media marketing cost may draw more monthly searches than the term social media marketing pricing. The semantics are very similar, but by changing that one word, you could increase your traffic.


3. Optimize your anchor text

Once you’ve come up with a great keyword list, use these keywords in all of your content, including your landing pages, blogs, product descriptions and any linkbait articles that you may post to other sites. If you’re using the keyword “social media marketing cost,” hyperlink to an appropriate area on your site or an appropriate external article.

4. Always link to other areas of your site when adding blog content

If you don’t have many blogs to link back to on your site, link back to appropriate landing pages. If you’re using the keyword blog content and don’t have a blog up that’s appropriate to link to, send people to your services page, for example.

5. Always link to at least one external site on every blog post

It’s not all about you. Seriously. Linking to other sites not only encourages those sites to link back to yours, but it also tells search engines and readers that you’ve done your homework and have legitimate sources that you’ve sited. When all is said and done, giving some one a backlink will ultimately benefit your site and the site that you’re linking back to.

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6. Comment on blogs

Comment on Do Follow blogs that are related to your industry with anchor text (keywords that hyperlink to areas on your site, preferably blogs). Focus as much as possible on commenting on blogs on sites that have a high Google PageRank and Alexa ranking, or at least sites that have higher rankings than yours. This really helps in terms of SEO.

7. Write linkbait

What is linkbait? Linkbait articles are longer pieces (between 750-1,500 words) that are informative and meant to go viral. They’re more in depth than the average blog and use anchor text. They’re even more valuable when they are placed on sites that have higher SEO rankings than yours, but also awesome to put on your own site as well.

project bubble logo8. Write about products, programs and services that you love

As a business owner, you probably have at least a few products that you use that you simply couldn’t do your job without. We, for example, couldn’t live without Project BubbleHootSuite and HARO, so we decided to blog about them. Not to brag, but HootSuite commented on the blog we wrote about them. It was kind of a big deal and we were really pumped about it. Other people in our industry also have found the information helpful so it’s helped us to make some great connections.

9. Guest blog

If you have the opportunity to contribute blog content to a great site (one that’s related to your industry and has high SEO rankings), go for it. Sometimes a site will even pay you for it, but even if they don’t, the benefits are awesome. Especially if you’re doing it for free, most sites are so jazzed that they’re getting good web content that they’ll let you link back to your site. If you’re lucky, you might even score a permanent on-site profile.

10. Write really good content

Above all, write great content and folks will want to share it and link back to it. Crazy concept, right? It’s happened to us and it can happen to you. If you’re not super confident about your content writing skills, you can sign up for our online SEO training series, which walks you through digital content marketing from your site audit to keyword research to perfecting your blog post!

So, there you have it. The secret to how to get backlinks isn’t really a secret at all. Write great content, link to other great content and comment on great content. Have some of your own backlinking success stories? Please share them in the comments section below, and feel free to leave a link to your own awesome website.
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