Google Analytics Management

A huge part of where you’re going is where you’ve been, and we’ll dig deep into your site’s analytics to find opportunities that can take your traffic to a whole new level.

Google Analytics Management

What you want is to get results. We want that too, because if we don’t generate results you’re probably not going to keep paying us. As part of our Google analytics management services, we check our clients’ stats every morning, taking note of things like:

  • Popular landing pages (for organic, search and referral traffic)
  • Pages with the most/least time spent on site
  • Referring traffic sources (and how long those visitors stay on site)
  • Click-through rates
  • Goals and conversions
  • Social media traffic (and, of course, the time spent on site)
  • Most popular blogs
  • Search traffic, including popular keywords and new keywords you’re ranking for

Identifying trends is a critical part of Google analytics management. Do blogs that cover certain topics get more traffic or time on site than others? If so, that’s an indication that we should produce more content based on that subject. Did a particular blog get a ton of social media traffic? If so, we take another look at the blog to identify why it was so popular – and then try to recreate that magic with future posts.

All of this leads to better and more valuable content for your site’s visitors. And when you have engaging, conversion-optimized content that’s relevant to your target audience, your potential clients and customers will like you and your brand a little more. That means more sales and profits.

Want us to crunch the numbers so you don’t have to? We’re happy to help – contact us today.

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