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img_copywritingOnline copywriting, blogging and content marketing strategies change slightly (or maybe not so slightly) with every Google algorithm update, and we stay on top of them all.

Several of TCF’s blogs rank #1 in Google’s search engine results pages for keywords that convert well, generating $300k in organic traffic to our site on an annual basis. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk – and we’ll do our best to get similar results for your website.

Our staff of full-time writers (employees, not contractors!) have bylines at places like The Huffington Post, Investopedia, The Chicago Tribune and Business Insider. Try not to stumble over all of the names we just dropped – we just wanted to let you know that your content is in very good hands.

We know how to write content that fuels SEO efforts, and have case studies for businesses ranging for national brands and tech startups. This isn’t our first rodeo, and you’ll be able to tell by the copy we produce.

All of our copy is edited twice. Here are some of the things our editors check:

  • Grabbiness of the headline and first sentence
  • Tone and branding
  • Overall organization and presentation of ideas/points
  • Keyword density
  • Anchor text
  • Outgoing links
  • Your stated preferences

This is all in addition to the standard spelling and grammar check. Our writers know how to carefully weave keywords into their sentences in a way that sounds natural, never stuffed in. Readers hate that, clients hate that, and so do we. The result? Your content gets shared via social media and linked to as a resource on other websites and blogs. This works with SEO to help more people find your page so that it gets shared and linked to some more. Then more people find and share your page, and the process continues. It’s The Content Factory’s version of the circle of life, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Online Copywriting & Content Marketing Services

Conversion Optimization

Your website is the digital version of a brick-and-mortar store, and your website copy is your silent salesman. How’s that sales guy doing? Is he converting lots of traffic and bringing you a ton of business, or is he yelling at potential customers like a carnival barker and scaring everyone away? Conversion optimization isn’t a specific service that we offer, because it’s something we focus on with every piece of content that we write. It’s something that a lot of web content is missing.

Simply put: if your site isn’t converting, you’re wasting traffic and missing out on sales. We know that your ultimate goal is to sell more of your products and services, so we engineer our copy to convert into sales. Some people are calling conversion optimization the new SEO, but we see no reason to choose one over the other. We don’t play favorites with important aspects of online marketing and PR. We love all of ‘em the same. Free with every order! This is where conversion optimization comes into play.

Landing Pages

Perfect landing page copy brings a horse to water and makes it drink. We’re not trying to call your customers livestock, but we’ll herd them just the same. Whether you want prospects to contact you for more information, opt-in to your newsletter or go check out your Facebook page, we write our landing pages with your goals in mind. There’s a method to writing landing pages that convert without being overly salesy or reeking of desperation. If it were patentable, we would’ve put in the paperwork years ago.

Blog Posts that Generate Organic Traffic

If you want people to find your site via search engines, you need SEO. And if you need SEO, you need content. And if you need content, you need blog posts. Oh hey, that’s our thing! The Content Factory was founded on our web content writing and blogging skills, and we write thousands of blogs every year for all types of businesses and nonprofits. No matter what your goals are, we can engineer content that will help you achieve them.

Whether you want to get on the radar of bigger companies in hopes of a buyout offer, position yourself as an expert in your industry or educate your consumer base, we can do it – Rosie the Riveter style. We’ll work with you to determine the best blogging and content marketing strategies, map out a course of action and then get to writing. Each blog posts includes posting in WordPress along with an image, and we’ll incorporate multiple SEO keywords, though you’ll never be able to tell.


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  1. Hi TCF, I am seeking for a help to build effective web content. I am planning to start up IT company with infrastructure project management company.

  2. Hi! We are looking for someone to write compelling copy for our Real Estate business. We work in a few different niches and need to have a good call to action and copy for the marketing we do. We do online and offline marketing for our business. We have had the website below for many years and recently we have not done much with it. We do utilize and have multiple landing pages. We have many social media sites that we need copy written for as well.

    Thank you for your time and reply.

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