The ULTIMATE Guide to Small Business SEO

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The web has leveled the marketing playing field for small businesses. It used to be that as a small business, unless you were really lucky, you had no way to compete with the big guns of your industry. Now, however, with a bit of strategy, a pinch of small business SEO and some hard work, […]

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The Only Guide to Content Marketing You’ll Ever Need [Complete Resource Page w/ Links]

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By now, you probably already know how to pick the right SEO keywords and how to write a blog post that generates organic traffic and converts – but what about your content marketing skills and strategy? Are they as strong – and targeted – as they should be? We’ve been studying and honing the craft […]

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Keyword Research Revealed: How to Find Keywords for SEO

keyword research

Keyword research and competitive analysis are two things you should tackle first when building a website or improving your web presence. After working with hundreds of businesses over the years, both in the B2B and B2C space, we’ve learned that search engine optimization (SEO), specifically keyword research, is the one thing business owners are most likely to screw […]

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The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business on Reddit

reddit marketing bubble

Why is Reddit important to your marketing strategy? In a word, traffic. On Alexa, Reddit ranks 26th globally, and 11th in the United States. Reddit is often the birthplace of all kinds of memetic content — typically, when something hits the front page of Reddit, it ends up spreading way past Reddit. This is both […]

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How to Market Content: The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing

The Don Drapers of the world are facing extinction. The sun is setting in the world of traditional advertising, and a new era is dawning. It’s the age of content marketing, and it’s changing the way businesses communicate – not just with customers, but with each other as well. Faced with this sea change, companies […]

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What is Content Marketing and Why Does Your Business Need It?

“In the digital age, every business is in the publishing industry.” That’s a quote from a recent Huffington Post article, and it says so much about content marketing that for us it’s something of a mantra when we discuss strategy with new clients. We’ve written, tweeted, posted and pinned for businesses that sell everything from […]

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3 Content Writing Tricks We Learned From Reading Cosmo

Don’t think Cosmo has anything to teach you about content writing? Think again. Cosmopolitan Magazine is distributed in more than 100 countries. It has 64 international editions and it’s printed in 35 languages. While it might seem easy to laugh off its absurdly-named Kama Sutra positions and dubious dating advice (trust us, your man does […]

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3 Ways Web Writing Is Different Than Creative Writing

You worked hard to earn that creative writing degree. You held back tears as professors ripped into your best stories, and you somehow found something positive to say every time that guy in your workshop class turned in another three-page poem about smoking cigarettes. You even read The Waste Land – twice. If you made […]

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(Even More!) Web Content Writing Tips

Great web content writing is within anyone’s reach – with enough effort. From delaying the editing process to hyperlinking to your sources, there are certain tips and tricks you can use to kick your web copywriting skills to the next level. […]

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