How to Write a Blog Post That Converts — AND Brings in SEO Traffic [Checklist + Complete Guide]

how to write a blog post that brings in business header

Brace yourselves, because we’re beginning this post with a cliche you’re all sick of by now: content is king. (Or, in our case, queen!) But repeating this phrase ad nauseum won’t make your content more regal — only following through on actionable writing advice will. Great content writing is what converts website visitors into paying […]

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10 Web Content Writing Punctuation Rules to Live By

At The Content Factory, we’re really finicky about using proper punctuation while web content writing, and we like things to be done in a certain way (specifically, the right way). Writing for the web isn’t the same as writing for a magazine, newspaper or community college English paper, you know. This is right from our […]

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